We develop computer systems that allow, in real time, the monitoring of the state of the installed equipment, registration of all data, adjustment and remote parameterization of the systems.

We have monitoring and statistical tools for energy optimization of our customers’ refrigeration facilities, using state-of-the-art analysis methodologies.

Our supervisory and control registration system is prepared to meet all requirements of large or small installations and is highly adaptable to the new requirements that customers demand from us every day.

This system also allows remote control with obvious advantages in terms of facility management.

We provide all our customers with permanent contact with their facilities, using all the communication methods available in the various IT platforms (Desktop and Mobile). Be this via email, SMS or remote access.

As a complement to the computer surveillance system implemented, we guarantee our customers an immediate technical assistance due to the urgency of the installation and the customer through our technicians specialized in industrial cold, more oriented to and repair of malfunctions.


Ritel emerged in May 1984, starting its business with the main objective of designing, marketing and running industrial refrigeration installations.

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Ritel – Realização de Instalações Técnicas Especiais