Ritel emerged in May 1984, starting its business with the main objective of designing, marketing and running industrial refrigeration installations.

Always taking into account the reality of the market, Ritel has had a sustained growth and development since the beginning of its activity.

Later in January 2008, Ritel became part of the Aquiram group through the acquisition by Hiperfrio of its total share capital, thus being positioned in the national and international market and having all the synergies of the group.

In this way Ritel is proud that in the middle of the XXI Century it is covering a market as competitive and specific as industrial refrigeration.


The philosophy that Ritel follows in the execution of its projects obeys, among others, the following parameters:

– Low maintenance rate through the application of high quality equipment and materials.

– Reliability of operation for the maximum safety of the products to treat and to conserve.

– Use of the most modern technologies in automation systems, providing easy installation of the installation associated with maximum information and minimum energy consumption.


The success of the companies is done through the satisfaction of their employees and the team work with their clients.


With extensive experience in the field of industrial refrigeration, using ammonia or halogenated fluids as refrigerants and glycolic solutions as secondary fluids, Ritel designs and implements all types of refrigeration plants, namely:

  • Slaughterhouses of Cattle, Pigs, Sheep / Goats
  • Meat Processing Industries
  • Bird Slaughterhouses
  • Warehouses Fruteiros
  • Horticultural Warehouses

… and also, Ice Production, Fish Industry, Dairy, Food Distribution, etc., contemplating:

  • Rapid Cooling Tunnels
  • Stabilization Chambers
  • Refrigeration Conservation Chambers
  • Freezing Tunnels
  • Frozen Conservation Chambers
  • Climate Chambers
  • Healing Chambers
  • Heated work rooms
  • Conservation Chambers in Controlled Atmosphere (ULO) with Systems
  • Automated Analysis and Control of Concentration of O2 and CO2
  • Local and Remote Supervision and Control Systems
  • Isothermal panels
  • Isothermal doors
  • Fast Doors
  • Sectional doors and lorry docks

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