Founded in May 1984, Ritel, Lda is made up of a team of specialized engineers and qualified technicians, which allows you to design, design, budget and execute Industrial Cold Installations in accordance with the needs of each client and the specificity of each project.

Always willing to innovate, we seek to develop the best solutions that meet the challenges of our customers.

For industrial cold, we use as main refrigerating fluids: ammonia (R717), CO2 (R744) in subcritical / transcritical regime, halogenated fluids and solutions with glycolated water.

The specialties we perform are the isothermal construction, mechanical installation and electrical installation. The installation includes all materials and equipment constituting the refrigeration plant namely: isothermal panel, doors, compressors, air and / or evaporative condensers, multitubular, evaporators and / or frigodifiers, controls, piping network, electrical panel, testing, testing and start-up of the installation.

Ritel provides its customers with personalized technical support, compliance with deadlines and quality in the equipment it proposes to install.

We have a 24-hour technical assistance service, every day of the year and we carry out preventive and corrective maintenance plans according to the needs of each cold storage facility.


Ritel emerged in May 1984, starting its business with the main objective of designing, marketing and running industrial refrigeration installations.

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Ritel – Realização de Instalações Técnicas Especiais